3 - New Songs 

Listen and watch some of the creative anointing the Holy Spirit is releasing in this season. Music fills the halls of heaven and flows out our Father’s house and his children. God has given music the power to change atmosphere’s in us and around us.  Just like David played music at the heart of the government of his nation to change it’s future we want to encourage and nurture God’s creative gifting amongst our community so that music, melodies and songs can flow through our lives, homes, workplaces and cities. Enjoy!

Song #1 - "Awake o sleeper", by Luke Finch  - Audio

Song #2 - "Lift me up", by Nathan Anderson - Video

Song #3 - "Father", by Esther Pearson - Audio

Song #4 - "Windstorm", by Scott and Rachel Bisset - Video

Poem #1 - "Simply in love", by Michael Butterworth - Poem

Song #5 - "Worship', by Esther Pearson - Audio

Poem #2 - "The Blackbirds Song" by Tim Lloyd - Poem

Poem #3 - "Sunday" by Sarah Stennett - Poem

Poem #4 - "My promise shall be kept" by Michael Butterworth - Poem

Poem #5 - "A helping hand" by Michael Butterworth - Poem